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Using Chromecast with a Laptop

The Google Chromecast offers a great value for its $35.00 price tag. It is simple to operate and provides access to the most popular Chromecast picweb based video services Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus and HBO-Go. While there was tremendous hype surrounding the product during the summer of 2013 there has been very little news since.  Roku owned the fall and winter so far. It stepped in to the spotlight rolling out new models, YouTube (for Roku 3) and debuted TV sets with the Roku interface. There are also plans to add YouTube to the new current Roku LT, 1 and 2. A $50.00 Roku LT with YouTube could be a real problem for Google. Why has this been an uneven year for the Chromecast so far? Today we look at what Google has done right and what it has done wrong.

What It Has Done Right

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The Google Chromecast has been called a “Roku Killer” an “Apple TV Killer” a “limited device”, and

More possibilities abound for the Chromecast
More possibilities abound for the Chromecast

a “groundbreaking game changer”. Our review of the device covered the advertised features of the Chromecast including using the Chromecast to play Netflix and YouTube from a computer and a wireless device. The ability of Chromecast to “cast” Google Chrome tabs is an under marketed and underutilized feature but even more unknown is its “experimental ability to mirror an entire computer screen display.

Mirroring a full computer screen unlocks the potential to use the Watch ESPN Channel, View Plex Via its online portal and even use the Chromecast for presentation purposes.