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Updated 5/5/2014

Plex is a powerful media server with capabilities that allow users to organize their own digital media, Share their media across networks, cue content from the video sources anywhere on the Internet and watch multiple community created content channels that bring network television content to Plex along with numerous other options. The Plex unsupported app store is a versatile addition to Plex that adds a great deal of capabilities to the server.  Here is what you need to do to add the unsupported app store to your own Plex server. Continue for directions and video by our friend and contributer Vincent Russell.

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Media centers are great tools for organizing audio video and picture collections in one place. But if

Plex can add value to any streaming line up
Plex channel menu example. Click for larger image.

you are looking to do more than view content that you already own, Plex can add to the multimedia experience. Users can access a large group of content channels ranging from full length TV shows to niche channels. What would a media center be without content channels? Well it would be kind of like Windows Media Center. The channels are designed and maintained by the larger development community of Plex users.