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The Mohu Airwave is the new wireless antenna from Mohu. This is an exciting product for anyone looking to use an antenna along with any of the big streaming platforms. The thing that makes the antenna stand out is that it is a full antenna that can operate and beam signals to your television from anywhere in the home that you place it. See a demo Video at the bottom of the story. In other words, it does not have to be plugged into a TV like other antennas. This means that you can put the Mohu Air Wave where ever it works best without the need for any other equipment other than a place to plug it in.

How does it do that?
The Air Wave pulls in signals the same way any antenna does. Using its amplifier and some new innovations to optimize picture quality the Air Wave pulls signals from over the air. But then it sends the signals to other devices using Wifi or an Ethernet connection. The devices which at the start will include IOS, Android, Roku, Fire TV and Apple TV devices will use a free Mohu app to play back the signals will have Mohu apps for the device.

How do you set your channels?
The App serves as the entire interface for the device. Within the app you will be able to find the antenna and connect it to your network, enter your zip code and scan for channels. Once that is done the app provides a responsive EPG guide (channel grid) that lists programming with MetaData info. 

Other Features
Being connected to the Internet gives Mohu another nice option. It will feature Internet-based channels as well. There is not a full listing of those available but we saw a few in action and they felt like terrestrial channels. The Air Wave also offers close captioning when available and a “My Channels” section where users can save their favorites to a personalized lineup.

See our video for a quick Demo.

The Tablo Is a different take on the DVR.

LAS VEGAS — January 4, 2017 — Nuvyyo, the maker of the Tablo Over-the-Air (OTA) DVR Tablo, today announced a slate of new hardware, software and services. The company will be rolling out new apps for Android TV devices starting with the Nvidia Shield, a new dongle that will let users set up an antenna anywhere and even announced it is looking into cloud DVR storage.

Android TV Integration
By connecting a USB OTA tuner and an antenna to the Nvidia Shield and downloading the Tablo DROID DVR app, TV fans will be able to discover, watch and record live HDTV on their Android set-

The Shield TV will be the first Android TV device to get the new Tablo app
The Shield TV will be the first Android TV device to get the new Tablo app

top-box without the need for companie’s OTA DVR hardware.

The New software will allow users to save programming on the Shield’s hard drive which will be a big win for those with the pro model. Tablo DROID will be compatible with Tablo TUNER, a new dual-tuner USB dongle or the Hauppauge WinTV-dualHD USB tuner stick.

“Since 2013, Nuvyyo has been focused on making Tablo the defacto app for live TV on the widest variety of internet-connected screens,” said Grant Hall, CEO at Nuvyyo, the makers of Tablo. “Today’s announcements strengthen that commitment and provide consumers with even more choice in how they watch and record Over-the-Air HDTV.”

Tablo’s DROID app will be free to download from the Google Play store and will include a free 30-day trial of Tablo’s guide data subscription. After the trial, users can continue to watch live TV and set manual recordings without a subscription. Nuvyyo plans to release the DROID app to the Google Play store and make the TUNER stick available for purchase via the Tablo web store in Q2 of 2017.

Tablo LIVE ‘Antenna Anywhere’ Stick
The Tablo LIVE ‘antenna anywhere’ stick is a single-tuner WiFi device that turns any OTA antenna into a smart antenna, enabling cord cutters to distribute OTA HDTV programming over their home network via WiFi. With Tablo LIVE, consumers can place their antenna anywhere in their home to ensure the best possible positioning for OTA reception and watch live HDTV programming via Tablo apps ( on mobile devices and streaming set-top-boxes.

Apps for Tablo LIVE will have a user-friendly interface and allow consumers browse an on-screen 24 hour grid guide with episode and series details as well as launch live broadcast TV streams. Tablo LIVE apps will be free to download and no guide data subscription will be required.

The Tablo LIVE ‘antenna anywhere’ stick is expected to be available in Q2 2017 with an anticipated MSRP of $99 USD.

Tablo CLOUD DVR Storage
Currently in the proof-of-concept stage, Tablo CLOUD DVR storage is designed to be used with the Tablo LIVE ‘antenna anywhere’ stick to add online recording storage and DVR functionality. Tablo CLOUD will be subscription-based and offer a set number of hours of cloud DVR storage for a monthly fee. Pricing, plans and availability will be announced at launch.

 All Tablo products and software innovations will be demonstrated in Las Vegas this evening from6:00 to 10:30 p.m. at the Pepcom Digital Experience media event at the Mirage Events Center.

The Tablo Is a different take on the DVR.
XBOX is the first game system to have a Tablo app.

Ottawa, ON—November 15, 2016 — For those looking to add DVR and live TV To XBOX Tablo is the device they have been waiting for. Nuvyyo, maker of the Tablo Over-the-Air (OTA) HDTV DVR is bringing its app to Xbox. Users will be able to access an easy-to-use interface for live TV and record shows to watch later. The app is available in the Xbox App Store.

“Many cord cutters were left without an OTA DVR option for their gaming system of choice when Microsoft put their project plans on hold,” said Grant Hall, CEO at Nuvyyo, the makers of Tablo. “We are excited to provide the gaming community with a Tablo App for Xbox One, bringing us even closer to our goal of becoming the universal app for live TV and recorded broadcast programs on all your favorite devices.”

Tablo App for Xbox One
Is using a DVR on XBOX as simple as downloading an App? No Users must actually own a physical Tablo unit. The unit is attached to a user’s antenna and connected to the user’s router via an Ethernet cable or a wireless connection. Users will be able to use their XBOX controller in order to interact with the DVR.

Tablo gives users an attractive grid for finding live TV.
Tablo gives users an attractive grid for finding live TV.

Version 1.0 of the Tablo App for Xbox delivers the majority of Tablo’s familiar screens and features including playback of Live TV and recordings, Netflix-style TV guides for broadcast content discovery and search, as well as popular features including pausing of Live TV, preview-enabled fast-forward commercial skipping, and much more.

Additional filters and features will be added via app updates in the coming months.

Windows Getting Tablo App
Windows users who have been limited to using Tablo’s web based application to access programming will be happy to know that those days are over, at least for those with the latest version of Windows 10. The new app can be used on PCs running the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition operating system.  A link to the Tablo app for Xbox and Windows 10 is available at

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Do Not Call Direct TV Now A Cord-Cutting Service. Direct TV Now will be a streaming option for receiving Direct TV. It will not be a skinny bundle or cord-cutting service. Really nothing is a cord-cutting service. There are just services that people sign up for in place of their cable or satellite services. Call that cutting the cord if you like, but it is just replacing one set of pipes for another. It’s like saying “I am quitting on electricity” because you replace electric heating with natural gas. Some of those services are considerably cheaper than a traditional cable service, especially at the intro rates. But let’s get something clear. What is happening is that the delivery system for television is shifting from one thing to another. Or in the case of satellite services and cable services it is changing from two things to another.

Amazon is one of Roku’s oldest video partners. In, fact Roku was one of the first if not the first to offer Amazon Video as a service on televisions. The Channel has had a few facelifts over time but its

The New Amazon Video App for Roku looks like the fire TV interface.
The New Amazon Video App for Roku looks like the fire TV interface.

latest new refresh is a total departure from the look that had been in place before. The new app has basically lifted the look and feel of the Amazon Fire TV and put it into a self-contained app on the Roku. Its setup is nearly identical in that it uses a vertical menu based on the left side of the screen and presents a full screen of choices from its entire library on the right side of the screen.

The home screen displays movies and TV shows that are available via Amazon Prime as well as on-demand transactional titles. There are also a number of categories based on watching habits, (movies Like…..) (TV Shows Like….) as well as genre-based categories. There are a number of otheramazon-video-new-app-filters submenus within each movie and TV show categorys.

A great feature of the new app is a simple filter system that allows users to list the movies or TV shows that are available with Prime absent on demand titles. This helps users decide whether they want to rent a movie or utilize their Prime accounts for free streaming. The refresh is one of the most impressive new apps for the Roku platform I have ever seen.

What it does not include
Unlike the actual Fire TV the Amazon App does not include access to Amazon Music, Free Time, games or the Cloud drive. The app also does not allow for voice search or integrate Alexa. This is still a Roku after all, even if it looks like a Fire TV. With the heft Amazon has put behind a video app on a competitor’s device we can only wonder what new bells and whistles will be available when the company refreshes its signature Fire TV set-top box. See our video overview bellow.

There is a reason people hate cable companies

Can you drop cable? Be sure you know for certain before you do.
Ryan Michael Downey The Streaming Advisor
Ryan Michael Downey
The Streaming Advisor

If you are wondering why people have begun to look into streaming services as a replacement for cable TV the latest bad press about Comcast is a great example of what is driving people to alternatives. The FCC this week handed out a 2.3 million dollar fine to the cable giant for charging customers for premium channels and equipment they did not order or ask for. 

The ARNU Box Mach 12 is a 64 Bit powerhouse media player with an octa-core processor. The device features the Code Red launcher, the Cloudword Sync configuration tool for Android. The device allows users to access the Android TV version of Netflix and Hulu and features Kodi 17.0. We were impressed with the speed and capabilities of this device and really appreciated the custom build of Kodi which with the aid of cloudword allowed us to add pretty much any add-on we wanted without any hassle from the new set-up. Check out our video for an in-depth overview.


Have you seen an advertisement from Sling TV lately? The skinny bundle’s marketing is understandably geared towards football, tis the season, but it does so in a way that makes the entire offering appear to be a sports app versus a collection of channels that includes sports networks. It also does not highlight the two choices and complexities of the program.

I almost never try to compare three things at once because I think that those stories often don’t educate people. But I decided to jump in and give it a shot after an email by a reader. What I have done with Roku 4 Vs Fire TV VS Apple TV is to try to take a look at the devices by focussing on what makes them unique as opposed to relying on buzz terms like ecosystem and focussing on the apps that they have. In this story, we focussed on the top set-top boxes (as far as hardware) from the top 3 players in the industry. It’s quite likely that the top selling Roku model may be the 3 or the quad core stick, but the Roku 4 is the most powerful. I hope this article will help you get to know the best and worst of the devices and help you find the one that is the best fit for your family.

When you set up a cable, satellite or U-Verse plan you will almost always be asked a very important question. How many TV’s do you have in your home? The reason you are asked this is because renting additional cable boxes is a great upsell for service providers and it is almost disguised as a

Send the kids to the play room to watch their favorite Disney shows.
Send the kids to the play room to watch their favorite Disney shows.

necessity. After all, if you have more than one TV you want to be able to watch your content on it right? The answer is usually yes and in turn, people will pay an extra cost per box adding a potential extra bill to their package. That being said, a number of people who have pay TV services through a cable or satellite services could benefit from a great deal of savings by using streaming set-top boxes in place of additional cable boxes.

One of the “hidden” charges that people regularly pay is an upcharge for an additional TV box. In my area, the cable provider is Time Warner Cable. The company charges 11.75 per cable box including the initial box required to access the service. The cost is the same for any other full cable box used in the household. So do the math 11.75 x (your TV’s) = the cost of box rental.  Sorry for the math but an understanding of what you are really paying for is important in gauging your overall expense.

TV Everywhere apps from Apple TV can let users get their favs in any room without a full TV box.

So how does streaming help me save money on Cable TV?
For a number of years, the pay TV industry has been developing apps that allow users to access channels via wireless devices from phones, tablets, set-top boxes and even computers. One of the most popular “TV everywhere” options is Watch ESPN. The streaming service, which is available to users with a participating provider, and there are a vast number of them, can access full live streams of any ESPN channel that they receive via the app. This could be a perfect way to get ESPN to a man cave without using another cable box. Another popular sports option is Fox Sports 1.

Roku, a company known for its streaming set-top boxes has an entire category of TV everywhere channels that give users a ton of streaming options for a number of channels. They include live channels like watch ESPN and others along with on-demand content channels like HBO Go, which is

Roku uses a simple grid to organize channels.
Roku uses a simple grid to organize channels.

free for HBO subscribers. Apple TV and Fire TV also have a number of TV Everywhere options and for the most part, the major players like ESPN and HBO are available across all major platforms.

Do these apps have a monthly charge
No there is no extra monthly charge to use a TV everywhere app aside from the price of any given premium service like HBO or Showtime etc. The streaming boxes also do not have monthly charges and can add a number of other services to any existing TV. Acess to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon video and so many other sources, thousands in fact.

TWC app
Time Warner’s App for Roku lets users access their entire lineup of Live TV channels on any TV or tablet.

Provider Apps
Depending on your provider there may be multiple options that allow users to access their full lineup of Pay TV channels via apps. This can include full live TV channels including local affiliate networks. In some cases the apps require a user to be in the vicinity of a receiver or modem from the provider. How that works for you will depend on your provider.

Take your TV with you
If you utilize tablets and phones a number of the TV everywhere apps (the channel specific ones) are available anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Is it more expensive to buy separate equipment or rent the boxes?
No matter how much you pay for a separate set-top box if you will be using a pay TV provider every year it will more than pay off over time. Some options can be had for as little as $50.00. And you will have the monthly satisfaction of watching the bill go down.